TAPIT ALL Lubricants develops high performance lubricants for a wide variety of markets. All of our products are eco friendly, petroleum free and bio based. Presently we have 4 products which our partners and distributors have adapted to meet the needs of varied and specific applications.

  • Enviro Grease

    The base for firearm, fishing reel and security device lubrication products

  • Anti-Seize Compound

    Offers extreme pressure protection, rapid temperature transfer and superb hydrophobic attributes. This compound has been successfully used in down hole pumps and API pipe joints without galling failure.

  • Floro Grease

    Used for mechanical lubrication and anti-corrosion applications where extreme lubricity and hydrophobic properties are required

  • Enviro Oil

    Used in a variety of applications requiring the use of neat oil

  • Tapping Paste

    Works superalloys, titanium, Inconel, all CRS, HRS, SST's, martensitic SST's and anodized aluminum

Distributors and Partners

Firearm, Hydrophobic/Anti-Corrosion, Security Device and Fishing Reel Greases

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Anti-Seize Compounds


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Eric Pettersen, President

Mathew Pettersen, Chief Product Officer

Scott Pearson, Director of Sales & Marketing